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Can I protect my tree from storm damage?
Professional tree pruning successfully reduces a tree's resistance to wind movement through the crown. Another tip: cabling and bracing individual limbs, or even entire trees, can provide additional structural strength.

Is my tree sick?
Does your tree display one of the signs of root decay -- mushrooms growing from the base or under its canopy? Does the tree show warning signs of structural instability -- cracks in the trunk or major limbs, hollow and decayed areas, or the presence of extensive dead wood?

Do bugs harm my tree?
First, identify the bug. A nursery operator or state/county extension agent can help you. Then analyze the situation. For example, some people think that carpenter ants harm a tree, but in reality, since carpenter ants live in dead decaying tree sections, they may be warning you of a potentially hazardous condition. 

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Tree Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Are my tree maintenance dollars worthwhile?
  • Properly maintained trees enhance the real estate value of your home or business up to 20 percent! Many successful developers now recognize the value of large trees and have abandoned planting saplings. To increase "curb appeal," they plant three-to-four-inch diameter trees at a labor cost of $75 to $100 each rather than $35 to $50 for a small tree. (And FYI: Did you know that moving an 8-to-12-inch tree -- within a 5-mile radius of a project site -- costs between $500 and $750?!) Your tree maintenance investment is very worthwhile! 

How do I get the best value for my tree maintenance investment?

Consider two ways. Like many service businesses, tree care companies charge hourly and daily rates. Even if an emergency prompts your need for tree care, the best value might be to include a number of other projects you've been wanting to get done -- at the less-expensive (per hour) daily rate. Also, some tree care services offer cost-effective monthly or quarterly maintenance programs. Regularly scheduled tree care sometimes is the better investment.
How do I hire a really good tree service?
When you meet with the tree service candidate, ask to see current certificates of general liability. Request an insurance agent's phone number to verify that full coverage will be in effect at the time of your service. Ask for a written estimate and references, then check on the quality of the candidate company's work. Don't be rushed by a bargain quote -- take the time to get multiple estimates in writing. Request a signed contract detailing cost, work to be done and dates. Also, verify that climbing spikes will be used only if the tree is to be cut down -- climbing spikes damage a tree. 

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