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In addition to residential and commercial properties, Rigby's Expert Tree Care services a number of historic and municipal sites:


Roswell City Hall grounds
Archibald Smith Plantation
Roswell Founders Cemetery (est. 1860s)
Historic Roswell
Roswell Square & Roswell Park
Vietnam War Memorial
Sloan Park
Roswell Recreational Park
Oxbo Park Extention
Hembree Park
Waller Park
Habitat for Humanity/North Fulton, Inc.
Naylor Hall
Old Roswell Cemetary
Schenck School

Rigby's Expert Tree Care
Owner: Edward F. Rigby,
   Master Tree Cutter &
   35-Year Arborist
Certified Arborist on Staff

Roswell, Georgia 30075
Cell:    404-725-0763
Office: 770-993-4675


According to Ed Rigby, owner of Rigby's Expert Tree Care...

"Every tree is different. Today, and in my 30 years of tree care, the first aspect I consider is the tree. I work with the tree -- rather than the easiest completion method -- to make the tree produce for the owner's best interest and safety.

Daniel Henneberger,
Rowell City Horticulturist...
"[Ed Rigby] performs as he promises -- on time and within budget...

Barbara McClendon,
Georgia Forestry Commission...
"Your method of pruning cuts is commnedable as is your use of ascending the tree without using damaging metal spikes.


Rigby's Expert Tree Care can provide you with numerous residential and commercial client references. However, take a minute to read what a few customers say.  

Pam Billingsley of Bullock Hall says, "Extremely happy with the pruning and cutting up of fallen trees.  I have recommended to others...  It is a pleasure to work with…  courteous…  wants to make the customer happy."   see actual letter

Darrell Grimes of MAG Mutual Insurance Company says, " I was very impressed with the quality and the speed…  you can really tell when someone knows what they are doing…"   see actual letter

Dr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Peltier write, "Rigby was prompt returning my call…  brought his crew out the next day… even though it was Saturday.  Friendly, efficient, and completely organized.  We would definitely use their service again and absolutely recommend…"   see actual letter

Jere Wood of Wood & Perry Counselors at Law says, "Whenever I need tree work, I call on Ed Rigby.  Professional…  reasonable pricing…  excellent service…"   see actual letter

Phillip A. Vance says, "Started earlier than expected…professional… thorough…  clean up was great…price competitively…  I will definitely contact for future tree service needs."   see actual letter

Bill & Anita Himburg say, "Dangerous job but…  experience made it look easy.  When seeking quotes, nine to be exact…  Mr. Rigby simple said…  flat rate…  we will complete the job and trim…  They not only completed the job but…  constructed four beautiful benches…  An absolute FIVE STAR rating…"   see actual letter

Buddy Milton of Allstate Insurance writes, "Has been doing work for me for over 20 years.  Dependable, fair and knowledgeable is how I would describe Ed Rigby."   see actual letter

Ruth B. Daley says, "Impressed by the work ethic of the crew… only wore spikes on trees to be removed… Mr. Rigby was on the work site all three days… worked with respect to my requests, efficiently and cleanly…"   see actual letter

Scott Ralston of State Farm Insurance wrote, "Two giant historic oaks at my office… I waited to have it done by the best… Thanks for the great job."   see actual letter

and other customers have said:

Roswell City Horticulturist
Daniel Henneberger
Georgia Forestry Commission
Forester Barbara McClendon
Homeowner Charles A. de Andrade


Daniel Henneberger
City of Roswell
Roswell, Georgia 30075

February 16, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

I am delighted to write on behalf of Rigby's Expert Tree Care and the owner, Ed Rigby. During many collaborations over the years, Ed Rigby has demonstrated the highest moral character. He performs as he promises -- on time and within budget -- and, on one occasion when he felt unqualified to offer advice on a project, he refreshingly recommended someone else. 

In addition to being professionally competent and honest, Ed Rigby is a delight to work with. I trust him with all my tree and landscaping projects and have always been pleased with the outcome. I would recommend him with enthusiasm and without reservation.

If you would like to further discuss his and his company's qualifications, please feel free to call me at 404.725.0763.

Daniel Henneberger
City Horticulturist
City of Roswell


Georgia Forestry Commission
6835 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Dear Mr. Rigby:

... Dan Dossin and I measured the large white oak located on the Archibald Smith Plantation Home property in Roswell. You recommended that the tree be nominated to the Georgia and National Tree Champions list. Find included the point sheet for the Social Register of Big Trees. The Archibald Smith white oak commands 324.65 points while the current Georgia state champion has 382.50 points.

The Archibald Smith white oak has been very well cared for. Recently you did an excellent job of pruning the tree which was cabled some years ago to provide support for long over-hanging limbs. Your method of making the pruning cuts is commendable as is your use of ascending the tree without using damaging metal spikes. The tree should continue to remain healthy with your care...

Thank you for your interest in the white oak. I hope that one day it will be our new state champion.

Barbara McClendon


Charles A. de Andrade
Roswell, Georgia 30076

Dear Mr. Rigby:

I do not often write recommendations for companies that have done work for me, and I even more seldom take the time to thank those companies for a job well done. However, in speaking with my wife and reviewing the work you have done for us we both felt it was more than appropriate to do both.

We would like to thank you and your crew for the fine work you did in removing the 15 plus trees on our property. We have been wanting to do this work since we bought the house three years ago, and we are very pleased with the new look the work has given to our house and yard. We were very impressed at how carefully the work was done by your crew and at how fast they were able to complete the job.

Even the trees that almost every tree company said would be near impossible to remove without damage to the deck of our house your crew removed quickly and expertly with no damage to the deck. The work that some companies indicated would take two to three days, your crew completed in less than one and a half days. Your crew also did an excellent job at cleaning up all the debris and left the yard in excellent condition.

I hope that you will be able to use this letter as a strong recommendation from our family to any other family who may be considering having tree work done...

Charles A. de Andrade

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